About Us

Pop's Exotic Sodas & Snacks is a specialty store that offers a wide variety of unique and hard-to-find sodas and snacks from around the world. The store is known for its extensive selection of unusual and rare sodas, as well as its collection of unusual snacks.

The store carries a range of soda flavors, including fruit-flavored sodas, cream sodas, root beers, ginger beers, and more. Many of the sodas are imported from other countries and are not commonly found in traditional grocery stores. 

In addition to soda, the store also offers a variety of unique and interesting snacks, such as exotic potato chips, imported candy, and international chocolate bars. 

Pop's Exotic Sodas & Snacks has become a popular destination for foodies and soda enthusiasts looking to try new and interesting flavors. The store is located in Mesa Arizona and also offers online ordering for customers who cannot visit the physical stores.